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Willow Coffins

Willow coffins are an environmentally friendly option, beautifully handcrafted from sustainable material for burial and cremation. They are ideal for those considering a green funeral for their loved one, which is becoming more and more popular as we see people breaking away from the bounds of traditional funeral services, opting for an environmentally conscious ceremony and send-off. We have a variety beautifully handcrafted willow coffins to choose from to suit all tastes. So, contact us today to discuss your unique requirements. We can provide eco coffins of all shapes, styles and sizes to tailor to your needs.

Coffins for Green Funerals

It makes sense that when opting for a green funeral, the coffin should also reflect this theme. We can provide a range of beautiful designs in natural tones or colourful options to meet your needs.

Curved End Willow Coffin with Royal Blue Bands
Traditional Willow Coffin with Yellow Bands

Eco-Friendly Coffins

Our range of eco-friendly coffins are made from British grown willow in Somerset. Willow is an incredibly sustainable material and each coffin is crafted with nature in mind. Also known as wicker or basket coffins, they make the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to wooden coffins. 

Our Range

View examples of our range of environmentally friendly coffins below.

Bepsoke Service

 We offer a bespoke service and personalisation. Whether you would like a nameplate added to the coffin, pre-decoration (for example flower garlands and engravings) or a blank canvas for you to add your own sentimental elements such as photographs, we have a range of options. So, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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For further information about our range of willow coffins, please get in touch with the team at Arthur Peake & Sons.