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Coronavirus and Funerals Cwmbran

As we will all know, Coronavirus and funerals in Cwmbran have had a great effect. Coronavirus, itself, has affected the way we live our lives in many major ways. The effect on funeral services at this time have also gone through many changes. The major effect is who can attend, and many funerals have been attended from 0-6 people at the pandemic’s height. This current advice has now been changed and 30 people can now attend the funeral if social distancing is observed.

Who Can Attend Funerals During Coronavirus Pandemic

Family and friends can now attend funerals, as we said above this is limited to 30 people. This also depends on whether the attends are in good health or note. If you are showing symptoms of the virus then it is advisable not to attend, as this can put the other mourners at risk. Those who are in the high-risk category are able to attend but social distancing should be observed, and it is advisable for them to limit their time in a large group of people. For those who can’t attend the funeral, what can you do to support them?

Supporting Those Who Can’t Attend Funerals

When some family members are unable to attend funerals, be it for health reasons or being in the high-risk category. There are things you can do to support them. Many Funeral venues now have online services. This means the people who can’t go can sill be part of the funeral service and be able to say goodbye.

Treat them as if they are there, arrange for an order of service to be available to them, be it through email or arranging for one to be sent to them. Your funeral director will be able to help you with this. They may also decide to have a small service of their own in their home, this can help the to mourn in their own time and not feel separate from the service itself.

Help and Support With Your Funeral Plans

Having help and support with your funeral plans is so important. This is provided by friends and family, but don’t forget your local funeral director. Here at Arthur Peake Funeral Services, our skilled team are able to provide a trusted service to you, in what can be a difficult time. We are here to help and advise on planning a funeral at this difficult time.

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