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What happens at a Burial.

Many Churchyards and council run cemeteries are now closed for new interments, we can advise you of the options available. For a burial in an existing grave in a public cemetery the deeds of the grave may be required, there will be no deed if the grave is in a churchyard.

Usually there will be a funeral service in a church/chapel or at the graveside, again we can advise you about the churches or service venues that are located near to you.

The interment can be a very emotional experience and you may wish for this part to be private or you may welcome the support from friends.

During the brief words of committal, the coffin is gently lowered into the grave, your funeral director may scatter a little earth or petals, you may wish to scatter a little earth on the coffin yourself or to place a flower in the grave.

We also offer Woodland Burials which are an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to traditional burials, cemeteries and graveyards.

We are a preferred funeral director for Usk Castle Chase Burial Grounds - Click here to find out more info.

The floral tributes will be displayed nearby for everyone to see and then placed on the grave once it has been filled.

We can arrange for a temporary marker to be placed on the grave whilst the necessary time elapses before a permanent memorial can be erected.

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